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Our General Cleaning Service is the typical, full-house clean. It involves Cleaning Floors (Vacuuming & Mopping Carpet and Tiles) in all rooms, Dusting and wiping down surfaces in all rooms, cleaning, dusting and wiping down the Bathrooms (including all Toilets, Benches/Vanities, Mirrors, Showers and Bathtubs), along with cleaning the Kitchen (all surfaces, cabinets, sinks, benches, etc). 
Depending on the time allocated, once we have finished the General Clean, we can move on to more detailed areas, such as windowsills , door tracks, etc. Our General Clean is the most popular option, and the time you book depends strongly on the size of your home. 
Pricing- $40 per hour, plus $30 Service Fee (See Pricing page for more information).


Those Nooks & Crannies Need Attention Too!

Our Detail Cleaning Service involves cleaning specific areas that we sometimes forget about, that we do not have to do each and every week, but that need attention and maintenance. 
This includes door tracks, window ledges, window sills, blinds/shutters, inside of fridges and freezers, insides of cupboards, skirting boards, etc. 

During our General Cleaning Service, we try and get to these areas as much as we can in the time we are given, but a lot of the time, after we do a full General Clean, we have simply ran out of time and do not get to do these little, pesky areas. There are also times when you do not need a General Clean and just need these areas taken care of. If so, this is the service for you! Let us know which areas you want done, and we will do that for you. 

Pricing- $40 per hour, plus $30 Service Fee (See Pricing page for more information).


No Corner Left Unturned

Our General & Detail Cleaning Service combines a General Clean with a Detail Clean, to provide the most thorough service available. We do everything that we do in our General Clean- Vacuum and Mop all Floor Surfaces, clean all Bathrooms (toilets, showers, vanity, cabinets, mirrors and bathtubs) and clean the Kitchen. After we have finished the General Clean, we then move on to more detailed area's, such as cleaning Door Tracks, Window Sills, Blinds, Fridges, Toasters and Appliances, Inside of Cupboards, and any other area that you request. 
It does not have to be done all in one clean because detail work does not require attention in every single service. For example, we may do our normal General Clean, and then pick 1 or 2 detailed jobs that you want done. You might want your door tracks done after the general clean, and then the next time you may want all of your blinds done, or your fridge done. What we can get done in the time we are allocated depends largely on the size of your home. 
Pricing- $40 per hour, plus $30 Service Fee (See Pricing page for more information).


Goodbye Dust, Hello Fresh

Our Spring Clean service involves everything that we do in our General Cleans (dust and clean kitchen, bathrooms and toilets, mop and vacuum floors), and in our Detail Cleans (door tracks, window ledges, fridges, inside of cupboards, etc), but also involves  extra effort, including moving furniture and appliances to clean behind them. For example, TV and entertainment units that have never been moved may have an accumulation of dust behind them, In order to clean this properly, we will move the unit and get behind it. The Spring services are available all year round!
Pricing- $40 per hour, plus $30 Service Fee (See Pricing page for more information).


They Choose You, You Choose Us

Do you run an Air B&B and struggle to find someone to clean it after a guest has left and a new one is due? Are you finding that your business is expanding, constantly booked out and needing to be cleaned? Look no further, we are here to help.

We provide general and detailed cleaning , but this service is specifically catered towards the B&B/Hotel Industry. These services include everything we normally do in homes(vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, etc), but also includes B&B specific services, such as garbage disposal, changing linen, bed making, keeping track of stock, notifying managers and owners of how much stock is left, and when it is likely going to be need to replaced, cleaning the inside of fridges, and making sure everything is presentable and professional. 
We make sure that we are staying on top of detail work, such as cleaning door tracks, window-sills, blinds, fridges, the inside of cupboards, etc. These areas can be done from time-to-time in our normal homes, but need to be done and maintained in B&B's/Hotels more frequently, as the guest will notice them and form opinions about your B&B based on whether these areas are cleaned or not. 

Since you are running a B&B, cleaning has to be done with extreme attention to detail, as the state of your business will determine the feedback you get, which directly influences your success. 
We provide extremely detailed services, and go through the place with a fine tooth comb, making sure everything is perfect. We understand that cleaning and maintaining a B&B is different than maintaining a home, know what to look out for, what needs to be done, and what can impact the success of your business. 

We will make sure that if we notice anything that needs fixing. or attention, we will notify you. We will also maintain a stock sheet where we will record the stock you have, how many units are left and predicted re-stock times. We are also happy to run errands for you, including taking and picking up laundry, running to the shop to get stock, etc. 

Pricing- $40 per hour, plus $35 Service Fee (See Pricing page for more information).

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