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Pricing Information

Payment Information

Why Should I Go Through A Cleaning Company & Not Hire Privately?

Consultation Process

Pricing Information

Normal weekly rates between the hours of 8 am- 5 pm are

2 hours= $110

2.5 hours= $130

3 hours = $150

3.5 hours = $170

4 hours = $190

4.5 hours= $210

5 hours= $230

Payment Information

You pay at least 1 day prior to the clean. We will send you an invoice at least 2 days prior to the service with our bank information. 

We used to allow clients to pay for the clean after the service, however due to problems with paying on time, we have switched to payment prior to the clean. We cannot send a cleaner our until we have recieved payment. ​

Why Should I Go Through A Cleaning Company & Not Hire Privately?

There are a lot of reasons why you should go through a cleaning company as opposed to hiring someone privately.

  1. Privacy and Confidentiality- Unless you know someone extremely well, you cannot be sure that your rights will be respected when you hire a private cleaner. For example, we are bound by privacy and confidentiality laws, and cannot disclose your personal information or information about your property or what we see in your home with anyone else, but private cleaners are not bound by this.

  2. Experience in the Cleaning Industry- When you hire privately, you can also not be certain that the cleaner has adequate experience. We know that anyone can clean, but to do it professionally is a different thing. We have experience in the cleaning industry, and through trial and error and study, we have found the 'proper' and best way to do things. We are constantly evolving, listening to feedback, and try new equipment and products to improve our cleaning knowledge. We also have knowledge on chemicals, the use of chemicals in cleaning, and proper procedures. You can not be sure someone you hire privately has this experience and knowledge, even though they may know how to clean their own home, it does not translate to professional cleaning in most cases. 

  3. Insurance-We also have Insurance, which protects you and the cleaners from loss, damage and injury. We have a good complaints process and customer service team that is highly responsive, and we provide our cleaners with training. Training involves proper Cleaning Techniques, knowledge on chemicals and equipment, and Work Health and Safety (WHS) information, 

  4. Screening of Cleaners-You cannot be sure of someone character if you hire them privately, and Diamonds and Dusting Housekeeping implements a strict hiring process, requiring cleaners to have a thorough criminal history and police check. As discussed below, we screen potential cleaners in the interview process in a variety of ways, requiring them to provide at least 5 strong personal references, and to pass a written exam and report about their values. They also have to pass an assessment about every aspect of domestic cleaning, including chemicals, privacy and confidentiality, WHS, etc. 

  5. Replacement Cleaners- We provide replacement cleaners when your cleaner is out sick or wants to change career paths, and if you do not like your cleaner for any reason, we can match you up with a new one. It is better to go through and stick with a cleaning agency as you have much more protection and support when you do. 

  6. Dispute Resolution- When you have issues and complaints, our customer service team is here for you every step of the way. This means that you do not have to communicate your complaints to your cleaner, but can do it through management, who can then communicate with the cleaner. This is a lot better because there is less conflict and disputes, and Diamonds and Dusting Housekeeping will also handle disputes and complaints appropriately. If you are unhappy with your clean, we can offer discounted or depending on the case, a free service. You simply cannot do this when you hire privately. 

These are just some of the reasons that you should hire a cleaner through a company and not privately. ​

Consultation Process

In most cases, prior to your first clean, a consultation is recommended. This is 100% free of charge. During the consultation we will discuss your primary concerns, let you know how. big a job it is, and how many hours it will take to get to how you want it. If you have a budget, we can set goals and delegate tasks that will get done over the course of a few services. We have found that having a consultation and then getting a quote is a good way to ensure that there is no miscommunications and you are happy with your service!