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Cleaning Your Bathroom!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Hey Lovelies

We thought we should write a post about what we look for, and do, when it comes to Cleaning your Bathroom.

Cleaning Bathrooms is a core part of our General Cleaning Service. Cleaning your Bathroom is a task that needs to be completed quite frequently, usually every time we come (depending on the frequency you book, this can be weekly, fortnightly, etc).

Depending on the depth of cleaning you require, sometimes you may need a Detail Clean on your bathroom. This is described below, and we explain what is part of the General Clean and what is classed as a Detail Clean when it comes to your Bathroom. Keep in mind that a Detail Clean does not need to be performed each and every time.

Our Main Tasks As Part of Our General Clean

  • Cleaning Benches and Vanities- We remove all items from your vanity, dust the area, clean the area, clean the items, and then put them back in place. We never clean around your items, we remove them, clean under them, clean them so that they are not going back on your vanity dirty or sticky, and then replace all items in the position we found them (sometimes we will straighten things up, but we try our hardest to put your items exactly back where they were)

  • Cleaning Mirrors- We clean your mirrors, including mirror tracks and frames

  • Cleaning Sink Areas- This includes deep cleaning your sink, and cleaning the sink plugs

  • Cleaning Bathtubs- We remove all items that may be on the ledge of your bathtub, clean the surface, clean the items and then replace them. Usually, people with kids will have multiple items on the ledge, including toys, shampoo, etc. We remove these, give them a clean and put them back. We do not clean around items, we remove them and thoroughly clean the surface under them.

  • Cleaning Showers- This includes cleaning all shower/glass doors, shower tracks, shower floors, chrome taps and fixtures, etc.

We do a nice clean of the shower, but if you want us to right into all of the little crevices, grouting, and do a full detail clean on your shower, you might have to book for a Detail Clean or a General and Detail Clean as opposed to a General Clean. The shower will only need to be thoroughly detailed every few months. For example, the Bathroom Tile Grouting may only need to be thoroughly cleaned every few months, although we wipe over it every time. Sometimes this requires an extremely light approach as grouting is very easy to come up when cleaning. We do this with a very soft touch, thoroughly cleaning the grouting and avoiding damage. We also pay attention to your soap holder, and holders/ledges where you keep your shampoo. We remove these items, clean the surface, clean the product, and then replace. With the soap holder, we remove the soap, get all the sticky bits of soap off, and clean the holder before placing the soap back. Sometimes soap holders that have been neglected need a bit of Detail work to buff up perfectly.

  • Cleaning Toilets- We clean every square inch of your toilet inside and out, never missing the base and back of the toilet base. This area gets extremely dusty and needs attention, but is an annoying task to do. We remove everything around the toilet, including your toilet brushes, cleaning products and toilet roll holders, thoroughly dust and clean the base, vacuum and mop the tiles, clean the objects, and then put them back in place.

  • Dusting and Cleaning Bathroom Window Ledges- This does not include Window Tracks, unless you book a Detail Clean.

  • Vacuuming Bathroom Mats- We vacuum your Bathroom Mat- the bottom and top of it- and put it back in place after the floors are done. If your Bathroom Mat needs washing, we will notify you

  • Vacuuming and Mopping Bathroom & Toilet Floors- We thoroughly clean the Floor's of your Bathroom & Toilet after we have completed all of our tasks, and replace items that may have had to be moved.

Little Extra's We Do (when time permits)

  • Cleaning Toothbrush Holders- this includes the bases of electric toothbrushes, which get clogged up with sticky toothpaste.

  • Emptying Bathrooms Bins and putting new Bin Liners in

  • Soaking Bathroom Bins- this includes emptying Bathroom Bins, soaking them as we continue to do other work, and then coming back, rinsing the bins, drying the bins and putting new liners in. Sometimes Bathroom Bins can get quite smelly, depending on how much you use them, and require a nice soak and deep clean.

  • Cleaning Underneath the Vanity, Cabinets and Benches- We do this as time permits. If you want us to focus on this, you will have to book a Detail Clean or General & Detail Clean.

Visit our Service Page to Book a Service!

Bathroom Clean Photo Gallery

To Book a Service, visit out Service Page

If you have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail us at , and we will get back to you ASAP

Have a Beautiful Day Lovelies!

Love from the Team at Diamonds & Dusting Housekeeping

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