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Mopping the Floors



Diamonds & Dusting Housekeeping is looking for reliable, trustworthy and hard working domestic/residential cleaners to join our team.

We are a new, start-up company that specialises in providing high quality, professional cleaning services in the Hunter Valley region. Our clients are from all sorts of backgrounds, who have different lifestyles, and different budgets.

The Donestic Cleaning positions are casual and/or part time, flexible and depend on our bookings.

You will have the opportunity to work as much or as little as you like. Since we are a start up, our first cleaners may have the opportunity to progress to a management/team supervisor position once we get fully established. This is because you will be trained from the start on how we do things, making you a perfect candidate to progress further in the company.

Depending on our clientele, which will continue to expand, you have the chance to earn over $500 per week if you chose to put in the work. This is a physically and mentally draining job, so you have to be prepared for that. We understand if you try it and don’t like it. It is a very hard, yet rewarding and high paying job.

-No prior cleaning experience required, although this would be ideal. We provide training, teaching you the way we like to do things.
-$30-$35/hour - opportunity to earn $500+ per week
-Work flexibility
-Ability to work casually, part time or full time
-Opportunity to be a part of a growing company
-Chance to rise up in the ranks as one of the first employees who knows the structure and routine of the business. This includes progressing to a team manager role


-Hardworking attitude, with the ability to handle physically and mentally demanding work- required
-Strong personal character- required
-Drivers license- highly encouraged, although arrangements can be organised if required
-Police check- required
-Cover letter explaining why you want the position-  required
-Personal Report on your values, moral and ethical. The importance of honesty, privacy and integrity when it comes to being in peoples homes (contact for more information)- required
-5 personal references - required
-proof of vaccination - required

Email all of this information to

We are excited to hear from YOU!

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