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Yes! Diamonds & Dusting Housekeeping recognises, appreciates and complies with Australian Privacy and Confidentiality legislation and regulations, including the commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. 

In compliance with the Privacy Act, Diamonds & Dusting will never share your personal information, including your address, phone number or e-mail address, to anyone without your consent. Our cleaners are also forbidden from sharing any information about what they see in your home, including your possessions, security measures, etc. The exception is if any child abuse or other unlawful activity it witnessed. Then, we have a duty of care to report this to the relevant authorities. 

If a cleaner has breached Privacy and Confidentiality legislation and our company policy regarding Privacy and Confidentiality, they will be excused effective immediately, and further action will be considered. For example, we can report them to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), who will then investigate the incident and make recommendations for further action. As we firmly and clearly state our stance on Privacy and Confidentiality in our cleaner induction material, if a cleaner is found to have breached this, they have not only wronged their client, but they have wronged us as a company. This is a serious issue for us as we value the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, and it is one of the most important values and philosophies as set fourth in our mission statement. We take all the measures that we can to train and make our cleaners aware of their obligations to their clients under the Privacy Act, and we want you to rest assured that you are going to be safe and secure when inviting someone into your home!

If you think a cleaner has breached your privacy rights, please contact management immediately and report the incident, and we will make it a priority to investigate and get back to you immediately (refer to complaints process for more information on this). 

Are We Protected Against Sharing of Information?: FAQ
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