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Don't Stress. We'll Handle the Mess!

Servicing the Hunter Valley Region & Surrounds

We are a Domestic and Residential housekeeping company that provides top quality, professional cleaning and housekeeping services to people from all walks of life, who live all types of lifestyles and have all sorts of budgets. We are based in the Hunter Valley region, servicing Cessnock, Branxton, Maitland and Newcastle areas. 

We are a client centred service, and while what we offer is specific, we can tailor our services to suit your needs. We offer services as a one-off occurrence, or more regular services, including weekly, fortnightly, monthly or once or twice per year. We know that each and every client is unique, and is going to require different services to suit their needs, and we provide this flexibility. Just be specific about what you want, how much you are willing to pay, how many hours you want and how frequently you want our services, and we will tailor a specific plan that suits you!

We carefully and methodically recruit our cleaners, and our primary concern is providing top quality and detail-orientated cleaners, who have an honest character, morally and ethically. We know that when you hire someone to come into your home to clean, you need to feel secure and comfortable. We do background checks, including criminal history and police checks. We have a methodical interview process, requiring potential cleaners to provide us with a report on their views, values and beliefs. We do this in order to make sure that their values align with ours. We also require potential cleaners to provide us with 5 personal references so we can gain a full picture of their character. Our top priority is to provide secure, safe and top quality cleaning services. 

The difference between us and other cleaning companies in this respect is that at times they can be quite relaxed regarding their recruitment process, sometimes not requiring police checks on their cleaners, which can lead to theft and people with bad characters and no values going into people’s private and personal space. We know that our clients have and continue to work hard for their property and possessions, and we do everything in our power to employee honest people with moral characters. When cleaners provide us with a report about their character and values, we determine if their values align with ours, and combined with a thorough criminal history check and face-to-face interview, our recruitment process is tough and thorough. We also require 5 strong personal references, and we check these out thoroughly. 

We also believe in privacy and confidentiality, and we are bound by Australian Legislation that prevents us from disclosing any of your personal and private information, or any details about your property and possessions. You can sleep in peace knowing that we would never share any details about you with anyone else, and we believe in privacy strongly. 

Of-course, the primary goal of Diamonds & Dusting Housekeeping is providing you with the best, detail-orientated and meticulous cleaners that make your life easier. 

We train our cleaners to look out for everything, from the initial assessment of your home, to the little nooks and crannies you forget are even there. When we come in, we automatically know what needs to be done, when you walk us through the house for the first time, we have our eyes on everything and make a mental note of exactly what we need to do. We do not skip corners, or turn a blind eye to things that need doing. We do all the pesky little things you hate, including cleaning behind toilets, moving items to clean surfaces thoroughly, etc. We have experience  providing high quality cleaning services. We believe that anyone can clean, but it is a specific skill that you need to acquire to clean properly. Our passion is providing you with high-quality cleaning services, and cleaning is not just cleaning to us. It is our pride and joy we believe can only be completed properly by someone who is passionate, and we want you to feel great in your home. 

Visit our FAQ page and Service page to learn more about us and all of the services we provide, and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or call us. 

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